Harry Potter and the Cursed Child- By JK Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a Play in London as well as a book . Harry is married to Ginny , they have three children , Albus,James and Lily.  Albus is scared he will be in Slytherin . James teases him about it a lot . Harry convinces him that it is not at all bad and nothing to worry about . In the train Albus sat with a boy. Rose Granger Weasley says that’s Scorpius Malfoy . Albus tells him that it does not matter what happened between our parents and sits there .Scorpius does not mind at all and they become friends . They get of the train  and takes the boat to the Great Hall . Scorpius goes in Slytherin . Now it is Albus’ turn.

The Sorting  hat is placed on his head  . The Sorting hat stays quiet , thinks for a while .

“Slytherin!” It shouts .

A big murmur erupts from the Great Hall . Some people shouted ” A Potter in Slytherin!”

Scorpius cheers from the table and Albus goes to sit with him . When they go for their first flying lesson and finds out he is no good at flying . He is made fun of by students as harry was on the Gryffindor Quidditch team.Later, Albus secretly overhears a conversation his dad had Amos Diggary . Amos blamed Harry for the death of his son,Cedric, during the Tri- Wizard tournament . A  It is a really interesting book . Albus steals a time turner from the Ministry of Magic,jumps of The Hogwarts Express, transforms into his uncle, goes back in time (too many things to list) . The book is so interesting, I guarantee you will enjoy it .





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Laser Tag

Who likes laser tag?almost everybody but what if there was a way to play laser tag in your own house .Cool right, well LaserX can make that happen .LaserX allows that, you two play laser tag in your own home by ordering it.Their blasters have a 400 foot range and you can play in the day or at night.The have three modes-

1- go rogue (every person for themselves)

2-head to head(one on one)

3-in teamsdownload hg

So what are you waiting for, lets play laser tag


Heroes of Tomorrow-Part 2

Well theres two choices, homework or a  quest where you can die. I made my decision .

” I’m going to find my weapon!”I said

You’ll need help on your quest.”He said,with that he snapped his fingers and two people appeared by my side.A boy who looked my age ,he was tall and looked confident.The girl had glistening black  eyes and beautiful blonde hair .

”This is Amber and Jason, they are going to hep you on your quest.”said dad .

”You can consult the prophecy tomorrow”

There is a prophecy,i’m a special person,I could die on a quest ,enchanted weapon.That is  a lot to process.The moment we left I asked’ ”How to long have you been training and what is your weapon.”

”The Dagger of Doom   is mine,Jason has the Sword of Swiftness(it is so fast, you need to have awesome reflexes to dodge it .)

Together we set off, into the unknown .




95 NEW PLANETS -Discovered by NASA!

It was discovered by Andrew Mayo  using NASA’s Kepler telescope on February 15, 2018

Ninety five new exoplanets were found beyond our solar system.The terrain was mostly rocky and fluffy mini Neptunes to Jupiter  like giants . They include a new planet orbiting a very bright star– the brightest star ever discovered by Kepler to have a transiting planet The new worlds were found using NASA’s Kepler telescope, which launched almost a decade ago.

These discoveries aren’t just cool– they’re also somewhat of a miracle.In Keelper’s first mission parts off it drifted away-   Kelper’s second mission, called K2, has confirmed over 300 planets since then .

Haunted places on Earth!-bibliography-travelandleisure.com


Bhangarh Fort was a small city made up of temples, gates and palaces at the foot of a mountain before being abandoned around 1783.There are two stories explaining the fate of this fort.One of the stories is that a holy man said, the building around him cannot be taller than his house and their shadows cast on his or their will be a terrible curse on this city. The second is a wizard falls in love with the princess.He prepares a love potion but the princess spoils his plans . The bitter wizard then curses this city . Today, it is said that anyone who enters the city at night will never return .main-qimg-a318fa6a588cd47ce06b2e37e9c27463-c



The800-year-old castle located in Wolfsegg, Germany, is  haunted by a “White Woman” who scares off any visitors who pass. The woman is rumoured to be the ghost of Klara von Helfenstein who was reported murdered by her jealous husband.


Image result for burg wolfsegg wolfsegg germany


This famous Rocky Mountain destination is known as one of the inspirations for Stephen King’s “The Shining,” but it also has it’s own spooky past. Staff have encountered ghosts during their time there, such as a maid from Room 217 who is known to pack away guests’ clothing when they aren’t looking.-travelandleisure.com

haunted hotel

Top 10 of 2018

10-World Cups

We all look forward to  FIFA  2018 in Russia, and in PyeongChang is where the 2018 winter olympics will be held this year . It is going to be a lot of fun seeing the tough competition . Good luck to the competitors .U-19 cricket world cup .


Regular people get to go to the moon, but thats not all people can go to Antarctica.The world largest cruise ship will set off .


People get to take diving trips to the wreck site of the Titanic .

Royal Wedding-

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will tie the knot at Windsor Castle .

World War  1-

2018 will mark the 100th anniversary of the end of world war one.


A super blue blood moon will be there on the night of 31st Jan in India (time varies according to your time zone ).It will be –

1-the second full moon in a month


3-total lunar eclipse

4-150 years+ since it last occurred in 1866

5-bigger and brighter

This is just in short. If you are looking forward to any of these,leave a  comment.


The Heroes of Tommorow

It was just another regular day when a letter came for me through the speed post saying, Oscar Williamson ,From Camp Extraordinary .The moment I touched it, I found myself at some place which looked like a summer  camp .In front of me stood a man, he stared at me , studied me ,then said, ”Welcome home ,Son ”. Son, I thought,so that must be my …………


I couldn’t believe it . I thought my dad had drowned in the Pacific Ocean and disappeared . I threw my arms around him.                                                                                 ”Where were you, ”I asked .                                                                                                                  Then I got the most shocking truth of my life.My dad said I am one of the hundreds of people in this world who has something extraordinary . He said I am a  descendent of Jack Williamson  and that is the reason I got here the moment I touched the letter. He is special and he was my Great-Great Grandfather .He had the Sword of Light . Many other enchanted weapons exist .This was a lot to progress but I caught on .

”How do I get my enchanted weapon?” I asked

”You go on a quest .Once you get your weapon you can stay here every summer training and train for the Champions Cup . If you win ,you are given the strongest weapon in existence-The Sword Of Light .

Part 1-This was just an introduction and part two will be updated on 15th February 2018.Hope you like it and follow me .

My Drone

Today I took my drone down to fly in the night so the lights on it looked awesome . My friends were there ad at first I was kinda scared to take my drone high but then I pushed the joystick to full …………..It went so high I could barely see it . Then I did six flips in a row and landed it ( lets just say I had a smooth landing ) ……so anyway , I took it up again to it’s highest height  then made it spine229362 20 times and my friend was right under it………so for a prank I left the  controls and the drone was free falling 25 storeys . My friend screamed but just at the last moment I took it up and stopped it …….after some time I was low  on battery but I flew it one last time and in mid air it started flashing lights and suddenly it started falling but with very little charge I managed to stop it’s fall …….I had a great time .

photo from QVC.com